coverFather’s Day is a pretty special day for all of those dads out there. They are really unsung heroes by providing for their family, playing with the kids, giving great tummy tickles, helping with the home maintenance, cooking meals, etc. etc. – so many things that they do day in and day out.  You gals – Abby and Courtney – did benefit in life from your Dad.

So, with the kids moved out and living lives in other states, I still wanted to make it a special day, and to start it out right with a yummy breakfast.  Since we rarely have eggs during the work week, eggs it was!! The steps:

1. Scrub 2 Yukon gold potatoes and then microwave for about 5 minutes after pricking the skin. Let sit for a few minutes until ready to handle.

2. In mixing bowl, crack 2 eggs. Add Eggbeaters to fill in, along with a splash of milk.


3. Dice up the potatoes, keeping skin on. Dice up 1 small red onion. Heat olive oil in nonstick skillet and add potato cubes and onions. They are already cooked and hot, so just slightly brown them.


4. Add in the scrambled egg mixture. Sprinkle with 2% grated cheese of your choice and a few shakes of real bacon bits. Cook gently, stirring periodically to mix together while cooking. Serve up when the eggs are cooked – still soft but cooked. Serve with fruit – we had grapes on hand.


5. Relax and enjoy the start of the day.

Nutrition Note: I usually add Eggbeaters to our eggs to increase the protein content and volume without adding any fat or cholesterol. So easy and really delicious. There is always – always – carton of Eggbeaters and a carton of egg whites in the fridge.


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